New relevance in a changing world

Helping business thrive on market change

Current economic models are under pressure. They fail to meet market and societal demands. The tipping point of many economic sectors emerge. Commercial, organizational and societal systems are faced with a need to redefine themselves. A transition towards new models. Next2Company is focusing on three business domains:

  • Finance, employment & the future of work
  • Transport, logistics & mobility
  • Energy, industry & build environment

These business domains are faced with fundamental challenges. We need to hold on to the existing models, while we are discovering new and better alternatives. Traditional approaches of strategizing no longer work, because the uncertainty we face are paramount. We need to follow different approaches. Experimenting and learning by doing  and forming new alliances are instruments for business development and change.

Next2Company helps organisations to thrive on market change. We develop new business models by connecting new and emerging technology to businesses and their propositions. Next2Company offers result driven support for business strategy, business development and business implementation.

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